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Technology Through Years

Through my Students’ Eyes

Published by Cheryl Oakes in edtechguestblogger on July 10th, 2009



The article, “Through my Students’ Eyes”, is a very informative and chronological blog about each grade and how technology is incorporated in some way. When each grade is listed, the student tells the audience how technology was used in their education experience. Throughout the earlier grades, the use of technology is evident and used in a way that impacts learning for the benefit of the child. Later on in grades 9-12, the student conveys a message that technology is looked over for content needs and lectures. In each grade, technology is a foundational aspect from 1st grade weather reporting all the way through 12th grade Facebook sneaking.  The student loved all of the creative ways early on in her/his academic career and wished in the later grades; technology was incorporated in a more creative way.

Personal Reflection

The article, “Through my Students’ Eyes”, was focusing my eyes on the use of technology in the classroom. There are no limits to use of technology in the classroom. I learned several ways technology could be used all the way from Kindergarten to 12th grade whether in a good, scholastic way or a sneaky, tricky way. Why should I limit my students to boring lectures and constant writing when I can provide interesting and meaningful lessons and activities through the use of technology? I believe that technology can motivate and inspire some students if is it used in the right manner. I must always ask myself if the technology I am using is for the best of the student in his/her academic career and in my classroom. If the answer is yes, I feel confident that technology can spark minds to learn. I loved the article and felt bad for the student in his 9-12 grade schooling because it seemed that technology was frowned upon as a learning resource. I believe technology can impact a student in kindergarten all the way to graduate school. I believe that every classroom should use technology as a resource for the benefit of the student in any way possible. After reading this article, I will definitely look to incorporate more technology-based lessons/projects if the outcome is for the best of my stude


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