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I Heard Them Say Love Is The Way Article Reflection

Andrew Bowen


Article Reflection

I Heard Them Say, Love Is The Way




Miss. Night’s article was a very interesting and informative read. She was really descriptive about how she incorporated technology into her kindergarten classroom. She talked about how she found a partner classroom all the way in East Borneo, Indonesia. They created an imaginary friend, which was a part of the fellow classroom. Miss Night and her kindergarten class learned about so many things ranging from maps, orangutans, and tsunamis. The project allowed each student to learn about real world things. The key thing that is mentioned at the end of the article is that the students showed compassion, which is not part of the standards, I might add. For kindergartens to show such compassion is overwhelming and worth every second a teacher has to slave over getting prepared or working on lesson plans. It is very true in that the world would be a safer place if Miss Night Kindergarten class ran the world.

Personal Reflection

I personally was amazed how young technology can impact students’ lives. Miss Night used technology to impact a class to maximize student learning. Students were actually learning and having fun on the basis of technology. They enjoyed it too. Their entire class was motivated by exploring a entirely new world! I feel like when used correctly, technology can a great tool. Technology can be used as a tool to escape the classroom in a sense. I believe learning isn’t made to happen just inside of a classroom. It’s meant to happen on a global scale at any time. Until we as educators see that the focus of learning is not to be sitting down in a classroom with a book open, education will never change and our society will always be on a dangerous path. Unless we can impact a generation of learners as a group of teachers who can escape the boundaries confined to those of a classroom, learning will never change. I believe we can impact and change starting with one student at a time like Miss Night is doing in her kindergarten classroom.


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