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NETS-T Standard 2

Andrew Bowen


Technology (SWU)

NETS-T Standard 2


2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

Teachers design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences and assessments incorporating contemporary tools and resources to maximize content learning in context and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified in the NETS•S.


a. Design or adept relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity

b. Develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress.

c. Customize and personalize learning activities to address students’ diverse learning styles, working strategies, and abilities using digital tools and resources.

d. Provide students with multiple and varied formative and summative assessments aligned with content and technology standards and use resulting data to inform learning and teaching.


Main Requirement

The main requirement of NETS-T Standard 2 is that the teacher maximizes content learning by designing, developing, and evaluating authentic learning experiences and assessments. The learning is meant to be relevant in that it incorporates learning experiences that promote student learning and creativity.  Another main requirement is that the teacher provides a technology-enrich environment that is maximized to its fully capable limit to provide student experiences with technology to extent student earning. Another requirement is that the teacher addresses all learning style of his/her students through digital tools and resources. The last requirement is that the teacher provides students with varied assessments and uses that data to inform learning and teaching.


My self-evaluation of NETS-T Standard 2 revolves around my ability to develop learning experiences to maximize student learning. Simply, I have to evaluate if I am maximizing student learning by designing and developing learning experiences. The first task I feel like I succeed at is that I make learning relevant inside of the classroom. I try to gear everything we learn about toward something in the real world that students can grasp ahold of. For example, when studying adding/subtracting decimal numbers, I like to allow my students to “buy” some things and add up their total. In this way, they are practicing lining up decimal numbers and adding money together. This is a practical skill they will use a lot in their lifetime.  I also personalize my lessons and gear them towards all of my students’ learning modalities. I include the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learner all in my lesson plans and my daily plans. I also provide my students with formative and summative assessments, which detect student growth and help me understand what students need help with and what they have grasped.  I lack providing a technology-enriched environment that allows my students to become active participants in setting their goals. I always allow students to set their goals but the technology enriched is my downward struggle. I work in a classroom that one computer exists and that is as far as the technology extends. I know that is no excuse, but I still need to extend it and make my classroom a technology-enriched classroom.


My strengths include allowing the learner to set goals and extending the learning to all modalities of learning. I gear every lesson to each style of learning which benefits all of my students. I feel I have strength in maximizing content learning through lessons, activities, and projects. I love to use contemporary tools such as new mathematical games online and review assessments throughout my units to review on some days.


My weaknesses revolve around the technology-enriched classroom. My classroom consists of a computer and projector.  I do not have a smart board or tablet, which enhances the technology in my classroom, but I know that is no excuse. I constantly try to incorporate fun activities through computer sites and use the Internet throughout days, but I certainly do not feel I have a technology-enriched classroom. Not yet. I will constantly try to enhance learning through technological activities in my classroom. The major factor is if it is the best for the benefit of the students. If using technology isn’t helping the student, then why use it? Technology should not be a foundational point in the learning process but be used as a resource in student learning. I feel like I have a weakness in using technology as a key resource in my class, and that I am not yet reaping the full benefits of it for my students. I will constantly strive to make my classroom a more technology-enriched classroom that maximizes student learning.


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