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Article Review – Educator’s Guide to Intellectual Property

Andrew Bowen


Article Reflection

An Educator’s Guide to Intellectual Property


Author: CTeam


This article discussed the important principles of intellectual property. The main idea is that there are consequences to using someone else’s work without permission. The work someone does is protected by the U.S. Constitution in Article One. The article tells of how plagiarism is the “most familiar area of intellectual property concerns”. The article then discusses how digital works are also included as intellectual property as well. Students must be made aware of not copying or stealing someone else’s intellectual property. The authors then write about the steps and length of time it takes to secure copyright. Aside from the negative aspects, the authors tell about how authors of intellectual property want other people to use their property so they can make profit from it. The author may grant permission to users to use such intellectual property. The article then describes piracy and how many students in today’s society victimize such intellectual property. As teachers, we must teach our students the negative benefits of stealing/pirating someone else’s intellectual work.

Personal Reflection

I have never really learned of all the rules and regulations of intellectual work on the Internet. I must as, a teacher, learn as much as I can and teach my students the same rules. I must be on the lookout for any misconceptions that my students or I may have about using other people’s intellectual work. I must always inform my students on how to cite a source they may want to use. I need to read more resources about the fair use clause. I will be sure to always cite whatever I may use inside of the classroom. I must model proper behavior when dealing with intellectual works whether physical or digital. As an educator, I must always ensure that no laws are broke in my classroom and make sure my students need to understand the risks involved. This was a very informative article, which I will always remember to teach myself and my students about.


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