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Review of 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada Video

Andrew Bowen


Review of – 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada


By: The New Brunswick Department of Education


The video called “21st Century Education in New Brunswick” was a quick video that detailed many interesting education ideas. It told of many changes that have happened or will happen to education in New Brunswick and eventually the world of education. The video talked about what the future of education may hold for all students. Some changes like having all textbooks on a tablet. The video even presented the fact that instead of e-mail, social media is the next major thing in education for teachers and for students.  Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and teachers need to acknowledge these changed and prepare their students for them.  The video was very optimistic to the changes in upcoming education and the major impact it can have in each student’s life.

Personal Reflection

This video was an eye-opener for me to realize all of the major changes that are already happening in the field of education. I want my students to have meaningful experiences and not just learning because it’s on a test. True learning can take place and there are resources involving upcoming technology that can help with that. I understand technology is just going to get better and better, but until schools choose to change with it, how can you expect teachers too? I wish every school district would look at the student’s picture instead of their test scores. I believe a student needs to have real world experience in school and not just buried in a textbook all day. Through these changes up and coming, students will just keep benefiting more and more. The district of New Brunswick has already experienced great benefits for updating some of their foundations of educations. I cannot wait and see where education will be at in the next five years. I hope I will be in the center of technology and education in the next few years because the changes to education can be meaningful if they benefit the students into meaningful experiences upon which they can build upon.


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