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Review of Teaching in the 21st Century Video

Andrew Bowen


Review of – Teaching In The 21st Century


By: Kevin Roberts for the ASB Unplugged Conference 2010


The video called “Teaching In The 21st Century” was an awesome video. It was filmed from an original prezi presentation. The video explained many strategies that teachers use when teaching in the 21st century. The beginning of the video described how teaching in the 21st century is not just giving facts because children and young adults can get facts from almost anywhere. If we are just giving facts, then we are obsolete as teachers. The video also points out that teachers should show their students how to use technology tools like Google to better help themselves for example like synthesizing information. It is the teacher’s role to be the filter and show students how to so the students can experience it themselves. Creation is a big part in which today’s teachers aren’t enforcing enough of. Creation is the final step of Bloom’s taxonomy and must be used in the classroom. It talks about how every lesson the teacher teaches must be relevant and engaging for the students. The video tells us that we should be engaging and not just provide entertainment for our students. Teaching in the 21st century must be for the benefit of the students and must leave an impact on the students on a daily basis to better prepare them for life and not just a test.

Personal Reflection

This video was a neat way to see some tips and ways to improve my teaching in the 21st century. Although tests are important, I need to make my lessons relevant and practical in a way that the student feels engaged and motivated. I need to provide meaningful content that enhances and maximizes student knowledge and extend it by allowing students to create something based on it. Students learn best when engaged on a topic and not stressing about a grade. Technology can be used, but it is the teacher’s responsibility to inform the students on proper ways to use it. The teacher must filter any information the child receives in a way that the student benefits the most. I liked the tips at the end when it said to start small and take a risk. I feel as a first year teacher, I play t too safe so I don’t raise any eyebrows. What if I enhanced learning in a way that could change my school to better benefit my students? I believe the attitude of the teacher plays a role in how the teacher plans and carries out lessons. I will do my best to create engaging lessons that ultimately benefit the student and not just prepare for a test but have lasting impact through practical situations. I believe not only high school kids can benefit from this philosophy, but also elementary kids. I believe I can incorporate many of the principles of this video into my philosophy and classroom to impact learning in a way that could help my students inside and outside of the classroom and leaves an impact that allows their destinies to be limitless and desirable.


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