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Article Review – Figuring It Out: Giving Up Control

Andrew Bowen



Review of Figuring It Out: Giving Up Control

By: Johnny Bevacqua



The article, “Figuring It Out: Giving Up Control”, was a great and informative article. The article told the story of a principal/teacher who decided to step away from the teaching and allow students to take control of an assignment. Mr. Bevacqua also gave full control of how the students would share the information with the class. Through this process, engaging and interesting topics were presented in which students seem motivated not because of the grade they would receive but because of the information they were learning. He said that he was able to spend more one on one time with his students. This article was a great way to remind teachers that in the long run grades do not matter, but rather the learning and how it affects the students in the classroom. Mr. Bevacqua sounds like a great teacher and presented a very interesting and informative article.

Personal Reflection

This article was a great way for me to realize that students need to learn not because of the grade but because learning can be fun and effective. Allowing students to discover information can lead them on an intrinsically motivated experience, which will motivate them for the right cause of education.  He said he had to give up control. I feel like sometimes teachers feel the need to always be in control of the class no matter what. From reading this article, I found out that students would benefit most if the teacher allows them to take control. Of course, this is not the case in every assignment, but the ones that the teacher deems that most benefit the students. I loved the article and will try to incorporate this tactic into my teaching arsenal as well. I would love to see what my students come up with. Although, since I teach elementary school I will have to monitor in a closer since than he would in his high school classroom. The main thing I have taken from this article is that when grades are not stressed, true learning for the sake of learning can be observed.


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