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NETS-T Standard 4

Andrew Bowen


Technology (SWU)

NETS-T Standard 4

NETS-T Standard 4: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

Teachers understand local and global societal issues and responsibilities in an evolving digital culture and exhibit legal and ethical behavior in their professional practices. Teachers:

  1. Advocate, model, and teach safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology, including respect for copyright, intellectual property, and the appropriate documentation of sources.
  2. Address the diverse needs for all learners by using learner-centered strategies providing equitable access to appropriate digital tools and resources
  3. Promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information
  4. Develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with colleagues and students of other cultures using digital-age communication and collaboration tools

Main Requirements

The main requirements of NETS-T Standard 4 is that teachers become responsible for digital issues and instill that same responsibility in their students by making them aware of the issues in today’s society. Teachers must model appropriate and legal behavior when using technology. Students must know that there are consequences to stealing other’s intellectual works. Also, the documentation of sources is an important principle that many teachers and students unknowingly break a lot of times. Teachers need to know all copyright laws and adhere to them as well as make their students aware of such laws. Teachers must not only teach their students about such issues, but also their peers. Teachers need to let other teachers know the importance of following copyright laws and making sure we as educators are not breaking any. The only way we can change the status of breaking copyright rules in the classroom is presenting the information to our students and great need to change and correct the way we use all digital information.


My self-evaluation of NETS-T Standard 4 revolves around my ability to model safe, legal, and ethical use of technology in my classroom. I always am sure to meet all legal requirements of using digital content inside of my classroom. Also, I feel like I meet my students’ needs by allowing them on a daily basis to access such content material. This content they are using is appropriate and furthers instruction on a given content area in which we are studying or about to be studying. Also, I make certain to make known the responsibility of all my students to cite correct sources when using other people’s intellectual works.


My strengths include my knowledge on using digital tools and the resources that help incorporate and make a classroom a technology enriched classroom. Although my classroom doesn’t have a full array of technological tools like some classrooms, I always make sure to always use technological resources when I think it benefits students most. I also feel I have strength in making my students aware of the importance of not stealing others intellectual works and always citing sources.


My weakness in this standard is my ability to allow my students to witness other cultures through social interactions via technology. I would love to have a class from another country communicate with us through technology. The connections we could make would be breathtaking. Although this is true, I have a personal belief that school care more about test scores than meaningful experiences from their students (Different article).  I do not feel confident enough with social technology in the classroom to unveil its true potential, but one day I will use it for the benefit of my students.


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