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Review of Project Based Learning Video

Andrew Bowen


Review of: Project Based Learning Video


By: Common Craft


The video called, “ Project Based Learning”, was a great refresher on the purpose of education. The purpose of education must not be to pass a test but to prepare the student for a career or college. I can do that through project-based learning. Instead of teaching students content by allowing them to take notes and listen to lectures, I should make learning more active and social by presenting a question and allowing my students to work a project and learn the content through the project. This way, my students will retain the knowledge based on them using it, while not forgetting it because I taught them it through lecture. Also, the students are collaborating with each other through the project based learning project. In a career, they are not just going to sit down and listen to their boss every second of every day. Therefore in school, we must adhere to that principle and allow students to be career oriented learn content through project based activities. This will allow the student to retain information and practice life skills which are important for them in the present as well as the future.

Personal Reflection

This video was a great way for me to revamp my teaching style. Sometimes I look at all I have to teach and feel overwhelmed by the content and making sure I get all of it in. I know to rethink my lessons and incorporating project-based activities. I will do this because I know that my students will benefit from this more than me just giving them content. I have already incorporated this in my classroom by giving my students the task of creating a weather chart depicting change of temperature and change of wind speed for the places of Barrow, Alaska and Campobello, Sc. This way, the students are experiencing it hands on rather than myself just telling it to them. Also, this is what meteorologists do when they analyze and predict weather for the future. I love the idea of project-based learning and will try to incorporate it into my classroom as much as I can throughout the year. The ramifications of project-based learning are meaningful and limitless. I must begin to allow my students to act as if school is their occupation instead of their necessity. As they begin to use life skills such as collaboration and critical thinking, my students will only help their future occupation step by step. It can start so early on, so why not take advantage of it and unleash our students’ full capabilities?


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