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Student Standards Response : Fears, Excitements, and Outlook

Andrew Bowen


Technology (SWU)

NETS-S: Student Standards

            I will improve my use of technology to enhance learning in my classroom in several ways. I have learned so many ways to assess students’ knowledge, create teachable moments, and allow students to safely surf the web for educational related content. I have learned many professional things for me as a teacher to do as well. With keeping up with my twitter, I will be able to read many great articles that other education professionals have promoted or wrote. This way I will learn more and more exciting ways to incorporate technology inside of my classroom.

My fear from the beginning is the budgetary status of schools and how it affects the resources in each classroom. When we limit the technology in our schools, we limit learning. Not saying that learning doesn’t take place, but rather we are missing out on promising technology that has been proven to stretch a child’s mind and imagination and bring practicality inside and outside of the classroom. . When we limit our technology, not only do we limit learning, but also the teachers. We must abandon the idea of saving every penny in our schools and go all in for education in America. How many more un-satisfactory years of public education must we examine to understand the basis of our problems? Schools must provide resources and materials to create technology rich classrooms and extend learning through our students’ minds. Now is the time to rise up and make a difference, one school at a time.

My excitement is very promising in the field of technology. I have learned many new and promising things to incorporate into the classroom. I love the new websites and programs that I fell confident using and showing my kids how to use. The digital age is upon us and I must make sure my students know how to respect other’s intellectual work and use the Internet appropriately. I feel excited every week when I write lesson plans because I am trying to find digital resources and projects for my kids to explore rather than me teaching the content in a boring way, we are exploring together.

My outlook is optimistic for technology use inside of the classroom. I feel like technology is an important area in which many people overlook and underestimate. I look forward to what new technology will be created for education resources and cannot wait to try such resources in my classroom. I have seen the value of technology and the impact it can have in a classroom and I will never overlook technology ever again. I will properly use technology when the situation deems itself necessary and I will use it right, appropriately, and for the benefit of my students’ and their learning.


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